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  • SMC 108 MRU

The latest generation of the SMC IMU-10 range of Motion Sensors has been designed to meet the requirements of the offshore, hydrographic and marine industry. The IMU-10 range provides high-accuracy motion measurement data in a dynamic environment in all areas from small vessels to large rigs in all weather conditions.

The SMC108 IP68 Motion Sensor data supplied by Unique is suitable for any marine operation that requires attitude determination, motion compensation or dynamic positioning. The SMC Motion Sensors provide high accuracy motion measurements in all dynamic environments. Function Motion sensors or MRUs determine the orientation of an object relative to an inertial frame of reference or another body. The SMC Motion Sensor uses 3 accelerometers and 3 solid-state MEMS gyroscopes which are integrated with a DSP, Digital Signal Processor, to output accurate real-time pitch, roll and heave data with high dynamic accuracy when accelerations are present.

Many of our clients use these systems with single beam echosounders, sub-bottom profilers and USBL systems from many different manufacturers such as Kongsberg, Knudsen, Teledyne Odom, Innomar, Sonardyne, Applied Acoustic Engineering etc. They can also be used in crane active heave compensation systems.

These units have proven to be extremely reliable whilst on our rental fleet, and very easy to use. Interfacing to all navigation software is simple as various industry-standard data output formats are supported. SMC has proven itself as a very responsive manufacturer with excellent support provided on the few occasions requested.

  • Roll & Pitch 0.03° RMS
  • Heave 5 cm or 5 %
  • Velocities
  • Accelerations
  • Serial and Ethernet Communication
  • Industry Protocols NMEA
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