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Buckleys PST-100 230V Spark Tester

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  • Buckleys PST-100 230V Spark Tester
PST Spark Tester Accessory Kit T53
Buckleys PST-100 230V Spark Tester

The Buckleys PST-100 230V Spark Tester provides a quick and cost effective method of inspection on thick coatings and linings. Coating thicknesses of between 3mm and 30mm can be tested. The T50 PST-100 is widely used for testing butt-welded and overlap joints in the plastics and rubber petro-chemical and pipeline construction industries.

A flexible probe is included with the unit but additional insulated extension rods and electrodes can be supplied if required. However, to ensure the stability of the output voltage, large electrodes should not be used. The recommended maximum size is 150mm. A specially designed accessory kit is available which includes an executive style carrying case and a range of electrodes suitable for use with the PST Spark Tester see data sheet T53.

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