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Mactech’s reliable flange facers are easy to use for resurfacing pipe and tube flanges, with no special training required. Rigidly mounting to the inside diameter or outside diameter of the pipe for stable and accurate machining. These amazingly powerful and versatile tool cut through the toughest material, and works on a wide range of face diameters.


Mactech’s compact and reliable Mini Flange Facer is an easy to use portable flange facer for resurfacing pipe and tube flanges, with no special training required. The Mini Flange Facer rigidly mounts to the inside diameter of the pipe for stable and accurate machining. The self-centering draw rod makes installation quick and easy. This amazingly powerful and versatile tool cuts through the toughest material, and works on a wide range of face diameters. Cutter blades machine smoothly, without requiring cutting fl uids. The Mini Flange Facer produces a clean, continuous chip, and squares off the end of the pipe. For resurfacing pipe and tube flanges, Mactech’s Mini Flange Facer is the solution.


Mactech’s LDFM 5000 Large Diameter Flange Facing Machine is perfectly suited for offshore and subsea caisson and structure cutting. Adjustable mounting legs secure the machine to the inside diameter of the workpiece and powerful hydraulic motors easily cut through the toughest materials. Features include mechanical feed from multiple ramps and variable speed in radial and axial planes. Optional tool holders, milling heads and motors are available.

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