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Buckleys Low Voltage Pinhole Detector

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  • Buckleys Low Voltage Pinhole Detector
Buckleys Low Voltage Pinhole Detector
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The LVPD offers six pre-set ranges; five are factory set and one is user defined. The LVPD features a two line eight character LCD which displays the test voltage and DC leakage current in micro-amps.

The LCD also displays the battery status, the pre-set currently in use and the user selectable options. The LVPD features a power up self-test which verifies the unit is functioning correctly therefore increasing operator confidence in test results. The LVPD features closed loop circuitry that ensures excellent test voltage regulation throughout the complete sensitivity range.

The LVPD1 kit includes the Low Voltage Pinhole Detector, leads, wet sponge wand with extension rod, batteries, 30ml of wetting agent and operating instructions.

Key Features

Simple and easy to use. Accurate and versatile.

Automatic self-test ensures detector accuracy.

Multiple test voltages. Battery level indication.

Audible and visual alarms. User defined pre-set option.

Complies with many standards. Displays the test voltage.

Displays leakage current in micro amps.