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Buckleys H107 K Series Reference Cell

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  • Buckleys H107 K Series Reference Cell
Buckleys H107 K Series Reference Cell
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The screw-in K-Series Reference Cell is an ideal environmentally friendly replacement for the old style Calomel Reference cells. It is used to ascertain the potential of the Silver/Silver Chloride/ Seawater (Ag/AgCl/seawater) half-cell in a BathyCorrometer®, UCP1A or UCP1B underwater probe.

It has been specifically designed to be used on the BathyCorrometer®. This is achieved by removing the stainless steel probe tip and screwing on the K series reference cell. The potential of the internal Ag/AgCl/seawater reference cell can then be checked. To be confident in the results, ideally a set of three, different,  K series cells should be used. The cells can also be used for checking the UCP1A or UCP1B probes but an adaptor lead (H16) and a high impedance voltmeter (greater than 10 M Ohm) would be required.

Key Feartures

Robust and easy to use.

Suitable for use with BathyCorrometers, UCP1A and UCP1B probes.

Environmentally friendly vs calomel electrodes.

Inert body casing: PVC.

Long service life.