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Buckleys K Series Reference Cell

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  • Buckleys K Series Reference Cell
Buckleys K Series Reference Cell

The Buckleys K Series Reference Cell is an ideal environmentally friendly replacement for the old style Calomel Reference cells. It is used to ascertain the potential of the Silver/Silver Chloride/Seawater (Ag/AgCl/seawater) half-cell in a BathyCorrometer, UCP1A or UCP1B underwater probe. It has been specifically designed to be used on the BathyCorrometer. This is achieved by removing the stainless steel probe tip and screwing on the Buckleys K Series Reference Cell. The potential of the internal Ag/AgCl/seawater reference cell can then be checked.

To be confident in the results ideally a set of three different Buckleys K Series Reference Cells should be used. The cells can also be used for checking the UCP1A or UCP1B probes but an adaptor lead H16 and a high impedance voltmeter greater than 10 M Ohm would be required.

Key Feartures

Robust and easy to use.

Suitable for use with BathyCorrometers, UCP1A and UCP1B probes.

Environmentally friendly vs calomel electrodes.

Inert body casing: PVC.

Long service life.

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