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DP System K-Pos

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DP System - K-Pos brochure
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With the introduction of the K-Pos family of dynamic positioning systems, increased performance and reliability have been brought to DP operation. With more than 30 years of experience from close to 1500 DP systems in operation. The K-Pos takes dynamic positioning to a new standard of
robustness, flexibility, functionality and ease of operation. The K-Pos includes a complete range of DP systems, ranging from single stand alone solutions to the most complex IMO Class 3 systems and beyond. Interface and
supply of our broad range of position reference systems and sensors provides total system transparency and interoperability throughout the system. In addition to our extensive library of standard modes and
functions, a number of tailored functions are available to assist in specific operations. The functionalities covers operations scenarios ranging from work boats to MPV, and from shuttle tankers and FPSO to drilling vessels and drilling rigs to name but a few.