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Kongsberg OE11-150 LED Lamp

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  • Kongsberg OE11-150 LED Lamp
Kongsberg OE11-150 LED Lamp

Kongsberg Maritime’s lamps have been designed to address the specific requirements of high quality video inspection and observation tasks under water and in harsh environments. The OE11-150 is a compact and powerful LED inspection lamp which utilises the latest high brightness Lamp Emitting Diodes.

The dimmable OE11-150 has a wide 80° beam, a luminous output of 2,460 lumens and minimum measured illumination of 800 Lux at 1m.  The OE11-150 is depth rated to 4,500 msw and the low maintenance LEDs have >50,000 hours of life (if adequately cooled).

Key Features

High brightness.

Low power, long life.

Low maintenance compact design.

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