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Buckleys E2 Electrodes

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  • Buckleys E2 Electrodes
Buckleys E2 Electrodes
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The Buckleys straight silicone rubber electrodes  are normally supplied with a 90° backing strip, for fitting into the  shoe attachment (A12). They can also  be supplied with a 45° backing strip to  enable the electrode to be  connected directly to an extension  rod, or with the Adaptor (A4), straight  onto the test probe handle.

Unique offers a wide range of Buckleys E2 Silicone Rubber Electrodes namely:

E204 - E224 Straight Silicone Rubber Electrodes.

E408 - E440 Curved Silicone Rubber Electrodes.

E601 - E612 Circular Silicone Rubber Electrodes.

E661 - E663 Round Silicone Rubber Electrode (with hole).