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Buckleys DCCT Porosity and Cable Tester

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  • Buckleys DCCT Porosity and Cable Tester
Buckleys DCCT Porosity and Cable Tester

The Buckleys DCCT Porosity and Cable Tester unit is used extensively in the manufacturing industry for checking cables, plastic sheeting, battery cases, moulded components and non conductive coatings on steel pipes. Buckleys DCCT Porosity and Cable Tester mains powered testers are particularly suitable for the automatic porosity testing in non-conductive coatings. Incorporating a resettable high speed counter they are ideal for use within production processes.

A range of four DCCT Porosity and Cable Testers are available with output voltage ranges of 1-7.5kV (ref: C0), 2-15kV (ref: C1), 4-30kV (ref: C2) and 5-40kV (ref: C3). The DCCTs are supplied with a 2m high voltage lead and a 5m earth lead. Alternatively a test probe handle (ref. A24 shown below) can be used with a suitable electrode for manual testing  of components. For testing cables the unit can be used with a high voltage electrode box using brush, air gap or ball chain curtain electrodes.

Key Features

Housed in a robust metal case.

Output control for easy adjustment of test voltage.

Clearly readable kV meter.

Resettable high speed counter.

Visual and audible alarms.

Suitable for low or high speed testing.

Conforms to DC testing of cables BS EN 5056:2002 (formerly BS 5099).

Calibration certificate to National Standards supplied.

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