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We provide complete marine automation packages: solutions designed to reduce human errors in critical operations and enhance your operational efficiency.

As sales agent for Kongsberg Maritime in the Middle East, we're primed to offer systems designed to help you deliver on your safety objectives.

The K-Chief marine automation system possesses a multifunctional operator station that supports multi-screen and large screen functionality. It features local operation panels for fixed installation, and presents data both graphically and in tabular form for quick and easy interpretation.

The Kongsberg Vessel Performance system enables ship owners and operators to manage their vessels in more economically and ecologically beneficial ways, in compliance with safety regulations. It helps to optimise engine performance and power, hull performance, cargo/ballast management, route planning and speed profile.

The K-Safe system has been developed and designed for safe monitoring and automatic corrective actions in unacceptable hazardous situations.

We also provide:

  • AutoChief600 Engine Remote Control
  • Engine performance and optimisation