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Buckleys PHD 1-20 Pipeline Test Kit

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  • Buckleys PHD 1-20 Pipeline Test Kit
Buckleys PHD 1-20 Pipeline Test Kit
Buckleys Phosphor Bronze Electrodes
Buckleys Miscellaneous Electrodes

Suitable for checking coating thicknesses of between 20 microns to 6.5mm, the Buckleys PHD 1-20 Pipeline Test Kit contains everything required to carry out tests immediately. Additional phosphor bronze electrodes E1, either straight or curved, can be supplied for use with the kit. Alternatively, rolling spring slected from the miscellaneous electrodes E3 can provide an effective means of testing external pipe coatings and are available in most sizes to suit. Coatings on smaller pipes less than 100mm can be tested by using a silicone rubber electrode with suitable size hole through which the pipe can be passed.

Key Features

Adjustable output voltage range: 1-20kV DC.

Variable sensitivity: 0-500uA.

Suitable for coating thicknesses 20µ to 6.5mm.

Maximum continuous current: <1mA.

Operating time: 10 hours (average).

Meter accuracy: +/- 1%.

Mains voltage for charging: 110 to 230V AC 50/60Hz.

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