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Kongsberg Seatex MRU 5

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  • Kongsberg Seatex MRU 5
Kongsberg Seatex MRU 5

The Kongsberg Seatex MRU 5 is the ideal sensor for motion compensation of swathe bathymetric echo sounders, DP systems,  ROVs, helideck monitoring systems, high speed vessel motion damping systems and tow-fish systems. It is also ideal for structural monitoring of offshore platforms and large vessels or any application where accurate motion data is crucial for high quality performance and safety.

The Kongsberg Seatex MRU 5 provides documented roll and pitch dynamic accuracy of 0.03° RMS at a ±5° amplitude. The Kongsberg Seatex MRU 5 maintains its specified accuracy aboard any surface vessel or subsea vehicle.

Key Features

High accuracy roll, pitch and heave measurements during turns and accelerations.

Each MRU delivered with Calibration Certificate.

Small size, light weight, low power consumption.

Improved dynamic accuracy in heave, roll and pitch.

Negligible drift in heave after vessel turns.

High output data rate (100 Hz).

No limitation in mounting orientation.

Lever arm compensation when mounted off the vessel
CG (centre of gravity).

Selectable communication protocols in the MRC
software for any system using motion sensors.


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