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Pipeline Repair Sleeves

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UNI-SEAL Pipeline Reinforcing Sleeves are used to repair and reinforce pipelines damaged by internal and/or external corrosion, gouges, dents, cracks and defective welds.

They're suitable for non-pressure retaining structural reinforcement, or for applications where the sleeve is required to contain the full design pressure of the pipeline.

UNI-SEAL Pipeline Repair Sleeves can be welded on-line without the need for shutdown, thus keeping your critical assets operating for longer. They are designed to add extra reinforcement and strength to damaged sections of pipeline.

UNI-SEAL Pipeline Repair Sleeves are custom fabricated from a variety of steel grade materials. They're made to various design lengths to meet your specific requirements.

Key features:

• Available for any pipe size
• Custom designed to customer specifications
• Available in a variety of carbon, stainless or alloy steel materials, depending on pipeline material and customer requirements
• Satisfy requirements of relevant standards for repairs designed to last as long as the host pipe
• Composite strength designed to match the stresses in the pipeline, delivering the most efficient and reliable repair
• Markers can be applied to ensure the repairs can be identified on future internal inspection by Intelligent Pigs
• Simple to install and backed up by extensive testing
• Proven to restore fatigue life of dented lines
• Proven to restore original strength of corroded lines
• Form a continuous repair with no gaps