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Misalignment Fittings

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Swivel Ring Flanges:

Swivel Ring Flanges allow for easy alignment of bolt holes when making a connection to a standard flange. Consisting of an inner hub that is welded in place and an outer flange ring that is free to rotate, swivel-ring flanges can be installed in many difficult situations. Commonly used in subsea applications, swivel-ring flanges can often be installed by a single diver, which reduces cost and increases safety.

Misalignment Connectors:

When connecting flanged joints subsea, the amount of positional tolerance is critical to achieve successful joint integrity. Traditional flange types rely on joint faces being parallel to get a perfect seal, which is dependent on positional tolerance.
The basic principle of the flange is a ball and socket arrangement that provides the required angular misalignment whilst still maintaining parallel flange faces, thus allowing regular bolt tensioners to be used for assembly.
Misalignment Connector connects directly to a mating RTJ flange while accommodating pipeline misalignment angles for a stress-free tie-in connection.
• Safe and easy to install.
• Metal-to-metal seal.
• Connect misaligned pipes and misaligned flanges up to 3o in any direction.
• Upon request, can accommodate up to 10o misalignment.
• Annulus test port and seal test feature.
• Enhanced wiper seal system to isolate the metal seal area from contaminants.
• Designed to accommodate high-capacity flange spreader loading.
• Misalignment connectors 4” thru 24”size range are available to meet your requirement.