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On-Site Engineering

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Split Sleeve Repair Clamps

UNI-SEAL® Split Sleeve Repair Clamps for fast and easy installation on repair work on pipelines

UNI-SEAL® Split Sleeve Repair Clamps add a new dimension to your temporary and permanent repair work on pipelines. They are used to repair both high and low pressure and temperature pipelines — offshore and onshore – carrying oil, gas, steam, chemical process and water.

Its unique construction means repairs can be made while the line continues on-line, and they're designed for fast and easy installation. Once the UNI-SEAL® Split Sleeve Repair Clamp is bolted in place, the seal is complete.

The standard clamps are rated to 1000 psig of design pressure with Buna-N as sealing material, but UNI-SEAL® Split Sleeve Repair Clamps can be custom-made to different pressure ratings and sealing lengths to meet your requirements.

Other key benefits

  • Can be used in cases of leaking pipes or where wall thinning occurs
  • They are self-sealing, achieved by bolting of the clamp studs
  • Standard clamps come in single seal arrangement, but double seal arrangement can be provided upon request
    Hydro tested to 1.5 times the clamp design pressure (or as per your requirements)
  • Widely used for subsea and topside repairs
  • Provided with wedge shape grooves to prevent slipping of seals during installation
  • Designed to ASME VIII
  • Can be provided with prep angles for welding on the pipeline as and when required

Nominal bore

Sealing length

Overall length

Bolt size

Approx. weight (without bolts)

NB Inch Inch Inch KGS
2 5.5 9.25 5/8 19
4 5.5 9.25 5/8 24
6 5.5 9.25 3/4 38
8 5.5 9.25 7/8 67
10 5.5 11 1 111
12 5.5 11 1 125
14 8 14 1 1/4 190
16 8 14 1 3/8 220
18 8 14 1 3/8  240


  • Size - 2” NB to 48” NB
  • Body Material - Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel
  • Pressure Rating - Class 150 to Class 1500
  • Specifications - ANSI B31.4 / ANSI B31.8 / ASME Section VIII
  • Studs and Nuts - ASTM A 193 Gr. B7 & 194 Gr. 2H (can be provided with special nuts suitable for bolt tensioning operation)
  • Seals - Buna-N / Viton (other sealing material available upon request)
  • Anodes for subsea application
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