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Line Boring & Drilling

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Specialised Machining Services - Available 24/7

Part of Unique Group's success has been due to the availability of our specialised on-site engineering services on a 24-hour / 365 days basis. Our ability to design and manufacture our machine tools puts us in a position to provide the one-off machining solutions.

Rapid and Expert Response from Global Line Boring Specialists

For decades, Unique Group has invested to upgrade its world-class line boring tools. We execute work on all range and sizes with exact precision using our specially designed tools. Reduce downtime drastically by using our on-site line boring service for applications requiring the machining of two or more in-line bores.

Boring and Stud Cutting

A specialised service for general drilling, boring and stud removal is available covering all major sizes found in general


Holes of 8” in diameter to a depth of one metre can be achieved using our standard range of drilling machines. Trepanning holes of a larger diameter can be achieved using our standard range of cutting and facing machines. One of our major accomplishments includes drilling 7 of 10” diameter on the spire of Burj Khalifa at 800m elevation in a confined space - making Unique Group as the highest onsite machining company in the world.

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