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Composite Wrapping

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Composite wrapping is an effective method of pipeline repair and corrosion protection. Wrapping is a simple, high strength durable means of reinforcing and protecting pipelines that might otherwise have to be replaced. Wellube has introduced the use of composites for on-stream field repairs and this has greatly increased the possibilities of restoring weakened pressure vessels & pipelines. The composites are high strength, high technology composite materials that are designed to be applied simply and quickly in field situations.

 They're the top alternative to clamps and cut out/replacement composite fibre, and 100% solids epoxy composite repairs are used to rehabilitate and restore original operational strength to damaged, corroded, and eroded pipelines, piping systems and civil structures. They also facilitate the repair of leaks, making them market leaders in non-metallic repairs.

Repairs can be tailored to provide temporary solutions when needed, maximizing their benefit to the plant.

Our systems, fully engineered for each job before application, have the highest temperature rating in the industry at 550oF (288oC); the epoxy systems are resistant to harsh chemicals, and are quickly and easily installed over the piping defect in question.

Composite wraps are compliant with all major composite repair standards, including ASME PCC-2 and ISO-TS 24817.

Key features:

  • Superior alternative to clamps
  • Suitable for all pipe sizes/close fitting repairs
  • Straight length, elbows, tees, valves, fittings, vessels
  • Compatible with carbon steel, stainless steel, alloys, PVC, fiberglass and more
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Long service life
  • No VOCs
  • No hot works/no welding
  • Complete engineered solution
  • Supplied as a complete kit
  • Able to withstand high temperatures
  • High strength
  • Fast curing
  • Leak sealing capability