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Reson SeaBat 8125

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  • Reson SeaBat 8125
Reson SeaBat 8125
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The SeaBat 8125 is the first wide sector, wide-band, focused multibeam  sonar ever to be deployed. Utilizing 240 dynamically focused receive  beams, the system measures a 120° swath across the seafloor, detects  the bottom, and delivers the measured ranges at a depth resolution of  6mm. The backscatter intensity image is displayed in real time on the  sonar display.

The 8125 can be controlled through its native graphical user interface, or  through an external control data collection and navigation software package.  The system can be mounted on a survey vessel or deployed on an ROV  at depths down to 1500m. The high-speed data uplink is carried on a  standard SeaBat copper cable for surface installation. A fiber-optical  interface is available for ROV deployment.

Key Features

Focused 0.5° beams.

240 beams.

2.5cm near field resolution.

6mm depth resolution.

120° swath.