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  • RSL C-MAG MPI System

Developed by RSL the C-Mag MPI System combines additional Diver safety and ease of maintenance and repair. A new style LED UV Light and Electromagnet are both only 12 volt in operation whilst the Ink bag and Pump are now integrated in one unit, which has quick release fittings for ease of change at the worksite. Our Surface Control Panel is built in to a lightweight Pelican Case so it can be easily moved and stored.

The Carrier Frame is made of lightweight tubular construction, and serves two functions. Firstly keeping the whole system together as a compact module and secondly providing protection for the subsea Power Pod, Ink Bag and Light during deployment or cross hauling through a structure. The four lifting points are Dye Penetrant inspected and are issued with a certificate.

Key Feature

Lightweight Tubular Construction Frame c/w four certified lifting points.

Oil filled anodized Aluminium Subsea Unit, Primary Voltage 240v 50Hz, Secondary 6v, Rating 2000A Intermittent.

Circuit breakers for Subsea Pod, U/V Lamp and Ink Pump.

Internal pump housed inside 14 litre Ink bag can be change out in a few minutes.

12 volt U/V Lamp output conforms to BS EN ISO 3059.

Electromagnet weight in air 2.2kg. Pole Dimensions 20mm x 20mm with ON/OFF Switch.

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