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CDL MiniVision

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CDL MiniVision

The CDL MiniVision is a 1.4 GHz long range full colour video transmission system. The product complies with MPT1349 for licence free operation within the UK. The MiniVision has been designed for use in the offshore survey industry and has many features which will improve performance in harsh environments. All system housings are machined from solid aluminium and hard anodised for protection. Both RF and control units are 'O' ring sealed against water ingression.

A high quality 5.6" LCD monitor is built in to the receiver control unit. This allows for rapid system set up and use without external monitor if necessary. The monitor switches automatically between PAL and NTSC video formats. The switch mode AC power supplies used in the control units mean that no modifications at all are needed for use on either side of the Atlantic.

Key Features

8km Range. Three frequencies avalable.

Type approved for the UK.

Low cost, low weight. Waterproof housing.

Built in 5.6" monitor. PAL/NTSC compatable.

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