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Explorer Mini Marine Magnetometer

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  • Explorer Mini Marine Magnetometer
Explorer Mini Marine Magnetometer

The Explorer Mini Marine Magnetometer is the world’s smallest and lightest high sensitivity magnetometer. That’s a lot of punch for a magnetometer that packs so light. Explorer’s power consumption is only 2W. As a result it can be powered by a single car battery for up to 200 hours. Explorer is the smallest, lightest total field mag out there! At a mere 3.8 kgs (8.5lbs) for the mag and 6 kgs (13 lbs) for a 50m (164 ft) tow cable. The Explorer Mini Marine Magnetometer can easily be towed from small crafts or behind other vehicles like AUVs, ROVs and side scans.

Explorer sensors deliver high-resolution output with a noise level of 0.02nT; counter sensitivity is 0.001nT. That’s on par with optically pumped magnetometers and orders of magnitude more sensitive than any proton magnetometer. Explorer’s accuracy is 0.1nT—the highest absolute accuracy of any magnetometer on the market. No matter where you are or which direction you are surveying in, Explorer gives you consistent, repeatable data you can trust.



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