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Coda DA4G Data Acquisition System

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  • Coda DA4G Data Acquisition System
Coda DA4G Data Acquisition System
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The DA4G ™ series of acquisition systems from the  CodaOctopus: GEO family provides high quality,  robust and reliable data acquisition from the latest  digital and analogue sidescan sonar and sub-bottom  profiler sensors.

DA4G is the 4th generation of our successful DA series® and is built on twenty years of knowledge, experience and innovation in supplying unparalleled products and service to the worldwide geophysical survey sector. These purpose built, turn key, systems incorporate the very latest hardware specifications and are designed and delivered to meet the demanding nature of offshore survey work.

Key Features

Compatible with all leading sidescan sonars and sub bottom  profilers in digital or analogue formats.

State of the art, workstation class hardware platform.

Windows 7, 64 bit Operating System.

Up to 4 analogue input channels.

Dual independent simultaneous triggering.

Triple monitor support (2x HDMI or DVI-D, 1x VGA).

Dual printers via network or parallel ports.

Magnetometer input.

Includes GeoSurvey software and fully compatible with the new  Survey Engine range of processing software.