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Reson SeaBat 7125

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  • Reson SeaBat 7125
Teledyne Reson SeaBat 7125

The new generation Teleydyne Reson SeaBat 7125 builds on the field experience and feedback from many users around the world and brings unparalleled resolution and installation flexibility. The system is available in three separate configurations; one designed specifically for installation on survey vessels and 6000m depth rated systems for either ROV or AUV.

Each of these configurations provides superlative data quality and ease of use over depths from 0.5m to 500m. Enhanced features such as X-Range and Full Rate Dual Head bring unsurpassed performance levels to the Teleydyne Reson SeaBat 7125. Special emphasis has been put on maximizing operational efficiency and features such as variable swath width and roll stabilisation combined with a high ping rate and excellent data quality. 

Key Features

Up to 512 beams in selectable modes optimises operations for any survey type.

Real-time roll stabilisation maximising usable swath.

Dual frequency provides seamless coverage from 0.5 to 500m depth.

Compliance with IHO SP44Ed5 over entire depth range.

High ping rate allows highspeed operations without compromising data density.

Allows collection of high density water column data for advanced processing.

Advanced diagnostics.

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