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Reson SeaBat 8160

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  • Reson SeaBat 8160
Reson SeaBat 8160
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The SeaBat 8160 provides an unbeatable combination of  range, resolution & profitability, a first for a system of this  frequency range.

The SeaBat 8160 transducer array is comprised of a linear  receive and transmit array mounted together on a support  base. The T-shaped array geometry provides the basis for a  compact, high-resolution sonar which is easily installed for  portable or hull mounts - a first for a high-resolution  system in this frequency range.

The system features a pitch-stabilized transmitter and an  active roll compensated receiver.  The SeaBat 8160 processor is compatible with other SeaBat  sonar heads. It can be updated in minutes to accommodate  future requirements and features a user-friendly  point-and-click interface.

Key Features

  • High-resolution sonar which is easily installed for portable
    or hull mounts.
  • Swath coverage greater than 4x water depth.
  • Continental shelf mapping wizard.
  • Processor is compatible with other SeaBat sonar heads.
  • Operational depths of 10m to 3000m