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Sonardyne RovNav 5

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Sonardyne RovNav 5
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RovNav 5 is a highly configurable,  tri-band acoustic transceiver designed to support a family of remote transducers operating in the  LF, MF and EHF frequency bands.

Its primary use is for operation with  Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)  or other towed bodies. Used within  an array of calibrated seabed transponders, its function is to  position the ROV in Long Baseline (LBL) mode accurately and rapidly. Alternatively, the RovNav can remain on the vessel, fitted with a dunking  transducer and used to assist with the calibration of arrays, to position the vessel or simply to command transponders in the water.

Key Features

MF, EHF and LF frequencies supported in one bottle.

Auto-sensing of Remote Transducers. Transceiver determines their identity and automatically sets its band of operation and sensitivity.

Supports both RS232 and RS485 serial interfaces.

Fully agile receivers allow for simultaneous acoustic receiving on multiple Remote Transducers, suitable for SBL applications.

"PAN Emulation" mode provides backwards compatibility.

Remote Firmware upgrade via serial interface.