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Valeport 803 ROV Current Meter

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  • Valeport 803 ROV Current Meter
Valeport 803 ROV Current Meter
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The Model 803 ROV Current Meter is  a unique instrument, providing ROV
pilots with relative water velocity data  in real time. It may be fitted to ROVs
to provide actual through the water  speeds, or fitted to Tether Management Systems to give a  measurement of local flow conditions.

The selection of  output options make interfacing easy and data may be
displayed using the software supplied. Available in a 3000m  titanium housing the Model 803 is an extremely durable reliable method of measuring current speeds in a wide variety  of underwater vehicle applications.

The concept is simple  the Model 803 consists of a Valeport  2 axis electromagnetic flow sensor,  with processing electronics capable of  giving a variety of output formats for  easy interface to almost any system.