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IXSEA Octans MKV Surface Gyro

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  • IXSEA Octans MKV Surface Gyro
IXSEA Octans MKV Surface Gyro
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The fifth generation OCTANS is an all-in-one gyrocompass and motion sensor for diverse challenging applications. The new OCTANS raises the industry standard in measurement accuracy for roll,  pitch,  heave, and heading while making available inertial navigation system (INS) product upgrade path and IMO-HSC certification. OCTANS is built on iXBlue’s trusted and unique ultimate-performance Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG) technology (thousands of units manufactured).

Key Features

New generation of algorithms, including heading, Smart Heave and real-time heave (30sec period).

State-of-the-art iXBlue FOG, strap-down technology (no spinning elements).

Ethernet, web-based GUI and compatibility with survey software suites.

IMO and IMO-HSC certification,  ITAR free (CJ) and O&G license eligibility.

Highly accurate real-time output for roll, pitch, true heading, heave, surge, sway, acceleration and rate of turn, even under no GPS/GNSS environment; INS product upgrade path.

Industry’s best performance-value offering with unrivalled reliability, backed by 5 year warranty Ease-of-use and integration.

Robust heading performance for high-speed vessel with high rate-of-turn, ease of export