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Sonardyne 8300 Compact 6

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  • Sonardyne 8300 Compact 6
Sonardyne 8300 Compact 6
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The Compatt 6 transponder is fully compatible with all 6G® equipment and Sonardyne’s latest 6G LBL and USBL systems.

Compatt 6 offers significant time saving using faster and more robust Sonardyne Wideband®2 acoustic ranging and telemetry protocols. This makes any system operating with Compatt 6 significantly easier to operate therefore reducing operational risks, reducing vessel time and reducing training requirements for offshore personnel.

The Type 8300 Compatt 6 is the standard length version and is based on the field proven mechanics of Compatt 5 with improvements to the end cap closure mechanisms. The design offers the perfect balance between size, acoustic output and battery life. Several depth ratings are available: 3000 m, 5000 m and 7000 m, all hard anodised aluminium alloy with protective polyurethane sleeve.

Key Features

MF frequency band utilising Sonardyne Wideband 2 ranging and telemetry protocols.

Dramatically faster and easier to set-up, calibrate and operate.

More robust performance in shallow water and reverberant environments around structures.

Real time diagnostics available on ranges to enable quality control.

Advanced multi-user, multi-vessel capability, more than 500 unique Sonardyne Wideband 1 and 2 addresses.

Integrated modem mode with data rates ranging from 100 to 9000 bits per second in multiple frequency bands, automatic power-down if not used for a programmable period.