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Klein System 3000 Side Scan Sonar

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  • Klein System 3000 Side Scan Sonar
Klein System 3000 Side Scan Sonar
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The Klein System 3000 presents the latest  technology in digital side scan sonar  imaging. The simultaneous dual-frequency  operation is based on new transducer  designs, as well as the high resolution  circuitry recently developed for the Klein  multi beam focused sonar. The System  3000  performance and price is directed to the  commercial, institutional and governmental  markets.

Key Features

Advanced signal processing and  transducers produce superior imagery.

Cost-effective, affordable.

PC-based operation with SonarPro®  software, dedicated to Klein sonars.

Small, lightweight and simple designs  easy to run and maintain.

Easily adapted to ROVs and custom  towfish.

Meets IHO & NOAA Survey specifications.