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Nexus MK IV Multiplexer

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  • Nexus MK IV Multiplexer
Nexus MK IV Multiplexer
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The MacArtney NEXUS MK IV is a multi beam sonar  multiplexer that carries all signals over one single  mode optical fibre via CWDM (Coarse Wavelength
Division Mulitplexing).

The system encompasses MacArtney (P)ECL  fibre optic converters, the Cypress multiplexer,  MiniController and Ethernet converters.

Power switching is software controlled and can be  installed on any computer with at least one com port (real or USB). The protocol is open and can  be integrated into customer software for monitoring  convenience. Sensor power status, leak, link, etc, are also continually monitored through the software.

The subsea housing is manufactured from hard  anodised aluminium and uses anodised aluminium SubConn® connectors. For depth ratings over 3000
MSW, the pressure vessel is manufactured from  Titanium or high tensile Duplex steel.

Key Features

Interfaces all standard multibeam sonars and survey sensors.

Software controlled power supply to sensor.

Operates on one singlemode optical fibre.

Interface for Seabat 81xx, Seabat 71xx, Kongsberg EM 300x, Kongsberg EM 2040 and R2Sonic multibeam sonar (dual head).