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Buckleys Glass K Series Reference Cell

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  • Buckleys Glass K Series Reference Cell
Buckleys Glass K Series Reference Cell

The Buckleys Glass K Series Reference Cell, laboratory type is an ideal environmentally friendly replacement for old style calomel cells and is used to ascertain the accuracy of Silver Chloride Half Cells. The Polymer Ag/AgCl reference system within the cell provides a far more stable voltage than existing calomel technology and also allows for far easier disposal once the cell has reached its end of life. It has been designed to be connected to a separate high impedance voltmeter greater than 10 meg Ohm via a one metre lead. The electrode is housed in a high resistance glass body and comes with a salt bridge solution for topping up.

Key Features

Long cable length 1 metre, glass body casing.

Environmentally friendly vs calomel electrodes.

Refillable, long service life.

No specialist disposal required post lifetime.

Supplied with fitted 4mm plug.

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