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Buckleys BCM Checker

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  • Buckleys BCM Checker
Buckleys BCM Checker

The Buckleys BCM Checker was specially designed to verify the accuracy of the electronics inside the BathyCorrometer and is suitable for the both Buckleys unit. It is quick and easy to use and provides a benchmark for recalibration without needing to break the water seal. The Buckleys BCM Checker consists of a precision voltage reference giving an output of 1.990 volts. The unit should be plugged into the socket in the BathyCorrometer handle whilst the other lead is connected to the probe.

With the Buckleys BCM Checker switched off, the BathyCorrometer should read 0.000 and with the BCM Checker switched on the BathyCorrometer should read 1.990. The BCM checker is powered by a 9 volt battery and is designed to shut off its output when the battery voltage is low. One LED shows when the unit is switched on and a second indicates when the battery requires replacing.

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