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Buckleys Surface Display Unit

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  • Buckleys Surface Display Unit
Buckleys Surface Display Unit
Buckleys BathyCorrometer

The Buckleys Surface Display Unit has been designed to provide a remote method of verifying the corrosion voltage readings of the Buckleys BathyCorrometer. The Surface Display Unit which would typically be on board a ship or on a platform is connected to the BathyCorrometer being used underwater by a Diver via a robust, two core water resistant cable of suitable length, supplied separately. Using a 4-20mA signal the voltage reading on the Bathycorrometer is mirrored on the Surface Display Unit, allowing for quick and easy verification.

It is recommended that the SDU is purchased with the Bathycorrometer it is going to be used with, this allows both units to be checked working together.

Key Features

Mains powered, bright LED display.

Built in calibration reference.

Accuracy of 0.05% of reading.

Lightweight sturdy aluminium case.

Supplied with Calibration Certificate.


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