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Buckleys Surface Display Pro'

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The Surface Display Pro’ has been designed to provide a remote method of verifying the corrosion voltage readings of the BathyCorrometer® Pro’.

The Surface Display Pro’ (which would typically be on board a ship or on a platform) connects to the BathyCorrometer® (being used underwater by a diver) via a robust, two core water resistant cable of suitable length (supplied separately). Using a 4-20mA signal, the voltage reading on the BathyCorrometer® is mirrored on the Surface Display Pro', allowing for quick and easy verification.

It is recommended that the SDU is purchased with the BathyCorrometer® it is going to be used with, this allows both units to be checked working together.


  • Surface Display Pro’ unit
  • Mains supply lead
  • Calibration leads from BCM to SDU
  • Full instruction manual
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