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Kongsberg SPT MPT 31x Transponder

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  • Kongsberg SPT MPT 31x Transponder
Kongsberg SPT MPT 31x Transponder
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The Kongsberg SSBL Medium Frequency Positioning Transponder for deep water use at 1000 meters. The SPT 31x and MPT 31x series are the Subsea and Seabed elements of the Kongsberg Marine underwater positioning and navigation systems. The transponder models have 56 channels for use with the HiPAP and the HPR systems. Common for all models are that they on interrogation will reply with a single or multi pulse response. This rely contains different information to the HiPAP? HPR system medium frequencydepending on the present system application.

Key Features

Dynamic position reference for surface vessels.

Navigation of underwater vehicles and towed bodies.

Positioning aid for pipeline and underwater structure maintenance and construction.

Positioning and re-entry of Blow Out Preventers (BOPs).

Riser angle and BOP angle monitoring.

Telemetry and Inclinometers, acoustic release or external sensors.

Sensor reading telemetry transponder, depth and temperature.

Positioning transponder in a Long Base Line (LBL) array (MPT only).

Master slave transponder in an LBL array (MPT only).

Transponder Range Positioning mode where it positions itself (MPT only).

Range measuring transponder (MPT only).