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Tritech Super SeaKing DST

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Tritech Super SeaKing DST
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The very latest in composite transducer and CHIRP technology has been used to  produce the advanced Super SeaKing Dual  Frequency CHIRP Sonar. It delivers the clearest  images available, at operating ranges previously  unobtainable.

CHIRP technology dramatically improves the  range resolution compared with conventiona  sonars. Resolution can be improved by a factor  of five times.

The Super SeaKing DST is a digital CHIRP dual frequency sonar capable of operating in Low Frequency or High Frequency modes. When operating in Low Frequency mode the sonar has a true operational range of 300m. Switching to High Frequency mode the same sensor is capable of providing a high definition image at shorter range.

Key Features

Digital CHIRP system.

Composite material transducer.

4000 or 6800m depth rating.

Various connector options.

RS232, RS485 and ARCNET.