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Kongsberg OE 14-308 Diver Digital Stills Camera

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  • Kongsberg OE 14-308 Diver Digital Stills Camera
Kongsberg OE 14-308 Diver Digital Stills Camera

The Kongsberg Maritime OE14-308 is a digital stills colour camera  ruggedly designed for use by the commercial diver.  Each image is framed using real time video viewed through the  rear window and is stored in on-board memory (standard 256Mb expandable up to 1Gb). The newly taken image is reviewed on
screen for 6 seconds to allow quality assurance.

The image can then be uploaded on the surface over a rapid USB  link using the software provided. Images are selectable at  resolutions of 640 x 480 up to 2592 x 1944 in JPEG format.  Camera settings can be automatic or 2 presets, one of which  allows manual settings the other video clips.

When used with the dedicated flashgun (OE11-342) flash  synchronisation is achieved by hard wired connector link or by  optional optical link.  The housing can be easily jacked open and closed by the quick  release lockable clips to allow access to the batteries and USB  upload socket.  Rechargeable batteries and charger are provided.

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