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Kongsberg OE11-242 Flashgun

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  • Kongsberg OE11-242 Flashgun
Kongsberg OE11-242 Flashgun

The Kongsberg Maritime OE11-242 Underwater Flashgun has  been designed specifically for use with the Kongsberg  Maritime OE14-208 Digital Stills Camera.  When under control of the OE14-208 the variable power  feature can be used allowing the exposure to be increased or  decreased by a 1/3 of a stop up to a maximum of +2 stops  and a minimum of -2 stops.

In Auto Mode the OE11-242 will fire if ambient illumination is  not sufficient. The flash can be turned off if the use of external  lighting together with the flash would result in an unnatural  exposure.  Fill Flash can be activated to fire even when external lighting  is sufficient.  Slow Synchronisation can be activated thereby allowing  greater background detail to be captured.

The flashgun head zooms in sympathy with the OE14-208  lens permitting a wider camera to subject range. The OE11-242 can be used in manual mode with any other  camera when the flash will fire at full power unless the  camera has a compatible TTL output.

Key Features

Automatic/Manual operation.

Flash output controlled by OE14-208.

Zoom function controlled by OE14-208.

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