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NORTEK AWAC Current Profiler

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  • NORTEK AWAC Current Profiler
NORTEK AWAC Current Profiler

The Nortek Acoustic Wave and Current Profiler sensor is a current profiler and directional wave system in one unit. The NORTEK AWAC is well suited for both autonomous data collection and as part of a real-time data telemetry system. Subsurface deployment means the instrument is always protected from harsh weather, vandalism, and ship traffic. The small, yet rugged instrument is suitable for multi year operation in tough environments. Plastic and titanium parts avoid corrosion. The NORTEK AWAC Current Profiler is available in three transmit frequencies for operational ranges spanning 2m to 100m.

Key Features

1MHz or 600kHz versions available.

Acoustic surface tracking.

Pressure transducer.

Compass, tilt and temperature sensors.

Two auxiliary channels for supplementary sensors.

RS232 or RS422 communications available.

Single or dual battery enclosures.

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