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Kongsberg MRU D Roll and Pitch Sensor

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  • Kongsberg MRU D Roll and Pitch Sensor
Kongsberg MRU D Roll and Pitch Sensor
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This fifth generation roll and pitch motion sensor is specially designed for use in marine applications and is the  ideal sensor for roll and pitch measurements on board ships.  Roll and pitch measurements for use within voyage recording,  dynamic positioning systems and for antenna compensation are  typical applications for the MRU D.

This unit has to be mounted in a fixed direction relative to the  ship and is best suited for applications with limited range in roll  and pitch. If unlimited mounting orientation and/or unlimited  mounting range is required, we recommend one of the MRU  models with sensors in all three axis. The MRU D has to be  mounted with the connector pointing up or down.

Key Features

Outputs real-time roll and pitch measurements.

Suppression of horizontal acceleration when mounted off the  vessel Center of Gravity (CG).

Outputs on RS-232, RS-422 and Ethernet.

High output data rate (200 Hz).

High reliability and no scheduled maintenance, no mechanical  wear-out parts.

Small size, light weight and low power consumption.