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Sonardyne Scout Transponder

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  • Sonardyne Scout Transponder
Sonardyne Scout Transponder
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Part of Sonardyne’s Coastal Acoustic  product range, the Type 7815-000-07 Coastal Transponder has been  designed for low cost applications  where size and weight are important operational factors. The transponder enables critical targets such as underwater structures, diving bells and instrumentation packages to be marked  unambiguously and later relocated using Sonardyne's Homer-Pro and  ROV-Homer range and direction systems. The transponder operates with any of the Coastal Acoustics tracking and relocation systems such as Scout USBL, Prospector and Homer-Pro.

Key Features

Versatile, low cost transponder.

Depth rated to 500 Metres.

Compact and rugged design.

HF frequency band from 35-55kHz.

Alkaline battery packs give up to 18 months listening life.