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Innovatum Tone Generator

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  • Innovatum Tone Generator
Innovatum Tone Generator

Innovatum manufactures a universal tone generator suitable for injecting low frequency AC signals into cables, to enable location and tracking in Active AC (Tone) Tracking Mode. The Tone Generator operates from either an AC mains supply (universal input, 85 - 265 VAC, 47 - 63 hz.) an external DC supply (15 – 35 VDC) or internal batteries. This combination gives the flexibility required for typical field cable tracking  operations.

The internal battery is recharged via the mains  input, even during operation. Meters are provided to monitor voltage and RMS current outputs. The tone generator is fitted into a waterproof synthetic resin case for protection both during transit and operations. A high power add on module giving drive voltage of up to 200V is also available in a matching case.

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