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iXBlue PHINS 6000

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  • iXBlue PHINS 6000
iXBlue PHINS 6000

The iXBlue PHINS 6000 is a subsea inertial navigation system providing position, true heading, attitude, speed, depth and heave. Its  high accuracy inertial measurement unit is coupled with an embedded digital signal processor that runs an advanced Kalman filter. PHINS DVL Ready can be assembled and pre-calibrated with a doppler velocity log version making the  system easy to install and ready to use for more precise navigation. Applications include AUV navigation, Towfish navigation, Metrology, Precise positioning and Out-of-straightness survey.

Key Features

All-in-one high-accuracy 3D positioning with heading, roll and pitch.

FOG, unique strap-down technology.

Multiple aiding available: (DVL, USBL, LBL, RAMSES, GPS, depth sensor).

Options: DVL or RAMSES coupling.

Ethernet, web server (GUI).

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