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Digital Edge DVI 1HD4SD

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  • Digital Edge DVI 1HD4SD
Digital Edge DVI 1HD4SD

The EdgeDVR 1HD4SD is a complete digital video inspection system. Developed to be used by personnel with all levels of experience, when  completing visual inspections on subsea structures which require real time  event logging.  The EdgeDVR 1HD4SD is a 4U rack-mounted unit with a total storage  capacity of 9TB.  The system has 3 removable hard drives, which store the survey video,  anomaly clip video, photos and all logs.  The operating system is stored on a solid state hard drive for increased  reliability.

Key Features

Single Channel High Definition or Quad Channel Standard definition  digital video recording (2 x 3TB Storage). Various formats, 1080i / 720p, 576 etc.

Combined Mode Recording Single Channel HD & Triple Channel SD.

Automatic Single Channel HD/ Quad Channel SD Blackbox video  recording (3TB Storage).

Digital overlay c/w variable transparent logos and fields.

Full HD video stills and video clips.

Automatic generation of dive, photo, video and anomaly logs.

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