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Tritech Gemini 620pd

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  • Tritech Gemini 620pd
Tritech Gemini 620pd

The Tritech Gemini 620pd is a high resolution multi beam profiling sonar echo sounder from Tritech's proven Gemini range of multibeam imaging sonar technology. The Gemini 620pd benefits from the latest  technological advances in signal processing. These advances allow the Tritech Gemini 620pd to produce high performance bathymetry data that is compatible with industry standard survey packages for processing. Designed for Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) mounting, the Gemini 620pd is manufactured in titanium and rated to an operational depth of 4000m.

Key Features

High resolution performance, 130° swathe.

4000m titanium housing, ease of installation.

Ethernet and VDSL communications.

Compatible with industry survey packages.

Automatic bottom tracking, roll correction.

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