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RBR Submersible CT and CTD Recorders

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  • RBR Submersible CT and CTD Recorders
RBR Submersible CT and CTD Recorders
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These RBR Submersible CT and CTD Recorders will provide derived measurements of Salinity, Speed of Sound and Density. The XR series CT/CTD offer three conductivity sensors; two case styles; and a maximum sampling rate of 1Hz or 6Hz. Temperature may be measured internally, or with an external probe of time constant 3s or ~0.1s.

The RBR XR series offer three sensors for conductivity measurment each with different applications. The Inductive cell, this is the simplest and most rugged sensor. It has one range, from 0 to 85mS/cm and is sufficiently robust that it may be frozen into the water. Noise level is less than 1µS/cm RMS. The Electrode contact cell, this provides high resolution measurements in fresh water. The range is 0 to 2mS/cm. The noise level of this sensor is less than 0.02µS/cm RMS. The Zero External Field Inductive cell (ZEFICC). This innovation permits the use of an inductive cell without external field. The principle is to dynamically cancel the external field of the cell. This is valuable in the presence of mooring structures.

Key Features

Conductivity: ±0.003 mS/cm.

Temperature: ±0.002˚C ITS-90.

Depth: ±0.05% full scale.