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Celebrating Emirati women at Unique Group

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On this Emirati Women's Day, we interviewed our Emirati employees Ms. Hamda Al Shamsi & Ms. Khulood Blushi who share with us their aspirations, favourite moments and insights about working in the energy industry and at Unique Group.

Q:  When did you join Unique Group and how has the journey been so far?

Hamda: It’s been an exhilarating one year since I joined Unique Group on the 1st of July 2018. The journey has been was quite challenging and fun at the same time.

Khulood:  I joined Unique Group on June 4th, 2018; I have enjoyed every bit of my time at Unique Group so far. It has been a learning and evolving experience for me.


Q: What is your role and which department are you in?

Hamda: I’m a Project Coordinator in the Customer Service Department. I assist the team by coordinating with clients to prepare entry permits and other arrangements for our engineers. Additionally, I also support our engineers in their business needs so that they can solely focus on the projects.

Khulood: Like Hamda, I work as a Project Coordinator in the same department. I oversee following up of the project completion timelines. I also assist the different Project Managers by registering their project advancements in our ERP system for senior management to obtain real-time updates.

 Customer Service Department

Hamda and Khulood with their Customer Service Department colleagues from the Survey Division

Q: How do you like your role?

Hamda: I enjoy working as a Project Coordinator which has entrusted me with some challenging responsibilities. Being part of the customer service team, I have learnt to understand customer requirements and provide the required support within the stipulated deadlines. The role has helped me improve my skills in the corporate world as well as in my personal life.  

Khulood: I really like my role as it has given me plenty of exposure and has helped me expand my knowledge and capabilities. My colleagues have been very supportive, and they inspire me to improve myself every day.


Q: As an Emirati woman working in the energy sector, what has been your motivation to choose this industry?

Hamda: I read articles about Emirati women who have made an impact in the energy sector and this has been a major factor of motivation for me to choose this sector. Although the industry is niche and a very few Emirati women choose to begin a career in this industry, I’m happy to be part of it as working in Unique Group I have learned a lot of new things about the oil and gas industry. Every day I continue to learn more about the various equipment and services Unique Group has got to offer.

Khulood: I was not familiar with the energy industry initially, so it was challenging. However, with time I became familiar with the Oil & Gas and subsea sector by interacting with my colleagues and familiarising with the various products and services being offered to clients by Unique Group. As with every industry, I had to push myself to gain more knowledge about it and keep learning. I believe we can achieve anything with persistence and positivity.

UAE National day

UAE National Day Celebrations at Unique Group

Q: Tell us about a few challenges you faced in your career?

Hamda & Khulood: Unique Group is a diverse and multicultural organisation, so interacting and communicating with colleagues from different nationalities was one of the major challenges we faced over the initial few months of our career. Another challenge was the lack of knowledge about the technology and service offering Unique Group provides to its clients, this was resolved by technology introduction sessions and training which helped us understand the technology better. 


Q: What are some of your favourite moments at Unique Group?

Hamda: At Unique Group, we work together as one big family without any discrimination. This creates a very positive work environment. We also celebrate various festivals which helps me understand the different cultures and adds more fun to the workplace.

Khulood: Every day is my favourite moment; I look forward to coming back to work every day and enjoy working with my colleagues and team. I learn new things daily, so each day is unique.


International Day of Happiness

International Day of Happiness at Unique Group

Q: What motivates you to put forth your best effort at Unique Group?

Hamda: My colleagues and family are my main sources of motivation which has helped dedicate my best efforts to the tasks allocated to me.

Khulood: The joy of success is what motivates me to constantly put in my best effort every day.


Q: How has Unique Group helped you achieve your ambitions?

Hamda: As I’m relatively new in my career, the company has helped me learn new things and face new challenges with a smile. This has been an important learning for me as it sets the direction for my ambitions.

Khulood: Working in Unique Group has helped me gain more confidence to interact with people and this has hugely improved my communication skills. I am sure, this will help me immensely in the future to reach my goals.


Hamda & Khulood at Unique Group's stand at ADIPEC 2019

Q: As an Emirati, how do you see the growth UAE has achieved over the years?

Hamda: Under the leadership of our visionary leaders, the UAE has always been a progressive country. Over the years, the UAE has seen immense development not just in the energy industry, but all other major industries. This is a proud moment for me being a citizen of this country. The growth has mostly been positive amid a few downturns but in the end the country has always emerged as one of the resilient major powerhouses in the region. I’m excited to know what lies ahead for the country and its residents.

Khulood: I have watched the country grow and transform over the years, it is a proud moment as an Emirati to see your country prosper and reach new heights. This development has empowered us to step into new careers and realise our potential in building our nation. The vision our leaders have for UAE will continue to propel us and the country forward to achieve bigger goals.


Q: Your message to fellow aspiring Emirati women?

Hamda: Always remember that in order to be successful, one must be willing to work hard and face new and exciting challenges. The energy industry will have a lot of challenges to offer but one must embrace them with open arms. Do not be afraid to learn new things and explore new opportunities.

Khulood: Our nation provides plenty of opportunities for us to rise to the forefront, as H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai rightly said “Emirati women continuously affirm their presence and active participation in the march of development, it is not strange for a UAE woman to be an ambassador; she who proves herself merits praise and encouragement”. My message to fellow Emirati women is to stay positive and focused on your goals, that will ensure you achieve your ambitions.

 Hamda & Khulood with colleagues