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Getting to know our Project Sales Engineer - Marcus Reuter

Marcus Reuter has been working as a Project Sales Engineer with Unique Group’s Diving & Life Support division in Cape Town.

Q1. How long have you been working in the industry and with Unique Group?

I have been working with Unique Group since 2015, arriving with a background in SME Management. Prior to joining the company, I worked for over 18 years in the Military [Navy] as a Diver and Combat [Warship] Officer.

Q2. What does a typical day for you look like at Unique Group?

Most of my time is spent in the development of Project Technical Specifications and associated costings for both African and Group Sales opportunities. This requires attention to detail and allows for interaction with Design and Project Management Teams which I thoroughly enjoy.

Q3. What are your key areas of specialisation?

My key areas of specialisation include Air, Saturation and Military specific Dive Systems and associated products.

Q4. What new technology are you looking forward to in the commercial diving field?

I think that the global trend is to strive towards automation of many of the in-field diving activities, and so, the innovation of these technologies is very interesting to understand and be a part of.

Q5. What’s your favorite learning experience at Unique Group?

At Unique Group, each day brings along a new learning experience, be it business related or an interaction with the market decision makers or simply understanding the multitude of systems and products that the Group produce, all culminating in exponential and continued learning experience.

Q6. Tell us about a key project you worked on at Unique Group.

The jewel in the crown is our Group Saturation Diving Systems, so having been part of the S12, S14 and S15 team has been immensely satisfying and educational. This is followed very closely by the development of the TDC1100 System which is of particular interest as we’ve managed to penetrate key markets as a consequence of the Group’s innovation, workmanship and technologies.

Q7. How would you describe the work environment in a COVID-19 world?

The dynamics we all experience in having to adapt to our new working environment and routines has certainly called for every individual to ensure a balance between maintaining a strong focus towards business efficiencies, while balancing the adaptation of routines during the current COVID-19 crisis. I feel I’ve certainly achieved this, and arguably, perhaps higher levels of efficiency working from home.

Q8. What do you specifically do to maintain the professional and personal life balance?

That is a constant battle with my personal life often succumbing to professional responsibilities.
I’m a very driven, ethical and conscientious person, and so, I often find myself spending more time on projects ensuring that the product is right before it’s received by the customer – this sometimes at the cost of work-life balance. However, when I do get the balance right, you’ll find me spending some quality time with family and taking very early morning runs in the mountains.

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