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693t load test on a gantry crane.

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Country Hoboken, Belgium
Date/ Year May 2011
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Job Description

For a special project a giant 450t overhead crane had to be upgraded to 630t capacity, and therefor a static test load of 693t was required. The crane had to travel along the full 400m length of its track carrying a massive weight,. The full job should be performed within maximum two days, only during daytime.


The load was spread over three separate hooks so Water Weights had to supply three weights between approx 180t to 280t. In order to not interrupt the normal activities of the crane, the job should be performed within a weekend, and for environmental reasons we were not allowed to do any activities after sunset.

The engineers and equipment (24 bags, 3 load cells and a lot of slings/shackles) arrived on site Friday around lunch time to start preparations and prerigging. On Saturday 693t static load test was performed and on Sunday the dynamic 630t test was completed. All equipment was removed from the crane the same night, and everything has left on Monday around lunch time