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Maintenance, Inspection & Certification completed on 26 lifeboats and davits

Client Leading petroleum company
Country Qatar
Year 2021
Service details

As load testing specialists we have developed systems that can be used specifically to apply a test load to life-saving appliances and personnel access equipment. WATER WEIGHTS®â€¯Lifeboat test bags and proof load bags provide controlled loading and unloading with minimal handling, resulting in minimum downtime of the equipment under test. Loading is achieved with a control manifold and pumping system and measured by a calibrated flowmeter to +/- 2% of the actual load.

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Summary of the Project

Our Buoyancy & Ballast team successfully completed a 5-year maintenance inspection and SOLAS certification of 26 Unique Group manufactured lifeboats and davits, using Water Weights branded load testing bags.

Client Requirement

As original manufacturers of the lifeboats and davits, Unique Group has an agreement with the client to perform yearly recertification and 5-year complete examination of this equipment. As a part of this contract, Unique Group performed preventive maintenance, inspection and certification of the lifeboats and davits according to SOLAS standards.

Challenges faced

  • The entire project was performed during the pandemic as a result all COVID-19 travel quarantine restrictions had to be followed. Proactive project planning helped in managing the COVID-19 limitations ensuring the client deadlines were completed.
  • The project had to be completed under offshore conditions, which were unpredictable. To enable smooth completion, QHSE assessment and proactive planning were done.
  • There were production stations and jackets with lifeboats, transportation of the jackets from the station were done by service supply boats. Due to the changing offshore conditions, there was frequent disruption of the movement of the supply boats.
  • Owing to the critical nature of the project, we had to plan the entire project meticulously to ensure the maintenance was carried out without any downtime for the client.

Unique Solution delivered

We supported the client from end to end, right from understanding their requirements to providing engineering support for rigging and successful completion of the test.

For the lifeboat testing, Unique Group’s “cylindrical” shaped bags were placed inside the lifeboat and filled remotely, negating the need for testing personnel to be inside the craft during the proof load condition resulting in the safest method of testing.

A control manifold and pumping system was used to remotely fill and drain the water bags, thus ensuring safety for all the personnel involved in the testing. For the dynamic test of the davits, we renewed the brake pads, checked limit switches, changed the wire rope and inspected the gear.

Our experienced team performed the preventive maintenance, inspection and certification of the 26 lifeboats and davits onboard the vessels thus ensuring they can be used for continuous operations.

Benefits delivered

  • Complete project and engineering support for the client
  • Water bags were easy to handle and transport
  • Saved cost and time
  • Fully QHSE compliant
  • Certified the lifeboats according to SOLAS regulations
  • Uninterrupted operation for the client
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